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Great start to a New Year!

January 10, 2011


Ringing in the New Year has been a real treat!  The launch of TruSweets NEW Organic Candy Canes this past holiday season was a tremendous hit! Folks couldn’t get enough. Candy Canes were flying off store shelves. In fact, we sold out! So, the holidays brought much celebration. This is terrific news for you too. This means next year TruSweets Organic Candy Canes will be back and we’ll have a larger stock to keep up with the demand. Thank you to our supporters and all the Candy Cane lovers out there. You made the success of our new product possible. We raise our candy canes to you! And hope your New Year is off to a great start too. Cheers.

In case you missed the news, TruSweets Candy Canes were launched this past holiday season. TruSweets Candy Canes are Organic. Yes, organic! There’s NO artificial colors, flavors or corn syrup – like what you see in conventional candy canes. These Candy Canes are the real deal. So you can feel good about your holiday indulgences. Visit for more information.

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