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It’s back to school – let’s talk lunch!

August 19, 2011


It’s Back to School time! A hectic, but exciting time for everyone. New teachers, new classes, new schedules, new rules, even new schools! It can make the nerves run wild. So what’s a fun, healthy way to help our kids feel loved and grounded in this time of change? Oh yeah, and that CAN be fun for you too. LUNCH! Oh yes, LUNCH! (It can be fun and easier than you think!)

Lunch is the much needed break in the day that a child looks forward to. So it’s the perfect opportunity for parents to take a moment and prepare something full of love and health. A little bit of extra attention, love and care can go a long way for them and YOU. You’ll feel good packing something your child will enjoy and benefit from. You child will appreciate (so we hope, and if not now, down the line – we promise!) the time and effort you put into to making a lunch they’ll enjoy. Go Green, and you’ll pack even more meaning into your lunch time efforts – you’ll help save the earth, and even some money (reusable products, like lunchboxes can go a long way!) You can also turn it into a teachable moment and pass along the lesson of “why it’s important to be green.”

With all this in mind, here’s a short list of ideas to help inspire you to make lunch fun, healthy and eco-friendly. Let’s give lunch some new meaning.

  • Go Green: cut down on cost AND waste. Find a reusable lunch box – let your child pick it out so they can get uber excited about their new lunch gear. Teach them how it helps saves trees – no more paper bags! You can even use bento boxes and cut down on plastic bags! Here are some great, green options for lunch boxes: Planet Box, Goodbyn and Nubius Organics.

For additional green lunch ideas , visit the Daily Green.

  • Include a note. A simple “I LOVE YOU!” will always bring a smile and make a child feel extra special, especially during times of change.
  • Turn old into NEW. Give the “same old” sandwich a makeover, by using cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes. Get creative and have FUN! Family Fun has additional ideas to help inspire your sandwich makeover.
  • Pack a nutritious lunch. It keeps the belly full and brain happy so more time can be spent learning. Studies show that a nutritious lunch helps them perform better in school. Nourish Interactive has a fabulous article on packing a Healthy Lunch Box and how it’s easier than you think! For additional healthy lunch ideas, visit Kaboose.
  • Use organic ingredients. Organically produced foods have a higher nutritional content than commercially produced foods. It also helps our eco-system. Organic agricultural practices enhance the biological structure and nutrients of the soil, resulting in a pure, high-quality harvest and the long-term sustainability of the farm.  Another awesome thing you can teach your kids about! The Organic Consumers Association is a great resource for organic information.

  • Favorite Foods. Ask your child what his favorite foods are and include them in his lunch. Make it a delicious and nutritious comfort food meal. If you know Surf Sweets candies are a special treat they enjoy, throw in a snack pack! Pure joy. Check out our NEW snack pack multi-packs – have a sweet stash on hand, for less. Available in Gummy Bears or Sour Berry Bears. You can find them online at, and
  • Little helpers. Making lunches can be a lot of work. We know. Let your little ones help where they can. Give them options to choose from and let them help pack. Or let them help “plan” the menu. They’ll be excited to sit down and eat their specially packed’ planned lunch.

Do you have ideas for lunch that you’d like to share? Please DO!

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FAAN walks – here we come!

August 4, 2011


Surf Sweets is gearing up for a group of walks with a tremendous cause!   

FAAN (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) is one of  the leaders in information, resources, and programs for food allergy, a potentially life-threatening medical condition that afflicts approximately one out of every 25 people. Each year FAAN coordinates walks across the nation to raise public awareness, provide advocacy and education, and advance research on food allergies and anaphylaxis. So much good can come out of something so fun.

There are over 40 walks taking place across the United States. If you or someone you know and love has food allergies, this is a terrific way to show you care, to help raise awareness, and to help make a difference in the lives of so many. To find a walk in your area, visit FAAN’s walk website.

FAAN has a special place in our hearts. Our founder’s daughter has a food allergy, as do some other members of the Surf Sweets team.  We are truly proud to be a sponsor of the following walks. Look for the Surf Sweets table and enjoy a pre- or post-walk treat on us.

Seattle, WA – 8/20
Chicago, IL – 9/17
Atlanta, GA – 10/1
Las Vegas, NV – 10/1
Westchester, NY – 10/1
Philadelphia, PA – 10/2

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