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5 Delicious Spring Recipes Now Available!

March 1, 2013


We are excited here at Surf Sweets to announce that we have partnered with Jenny Kales, the Nut-Free Mom, on a new allergy friendly e-cookbook, Spring Recipes.

Jenny Kales is the creator of the award-winning blog, The Nut-Free Mom, and the author of the e-book “The New Nut-Free Mom: A Crash Course in Caring for Your Nut-Allergic Child.” Kales’ articles and essays have appeared in many outlets including The TODAY Show Moms, Chicago Parent, Allergic Living and

Spring Recipes features five unique and kid-friendly recipes using Surf Sweets’ gummy candies and jelly beans, boxed cereals and organic cake mixes that are all easy to find.  While some of the recipes do include dairy ingredients, readers can easily swap out withtheir favorite dairy-free alternative.

Recipes  in the e-cookbook include Egg Hunt Cupcakes, Rice Krispie Pops, Ladybug Cupcakes, Dirty Worm Cookies and Lemon Easter Egg Cookies.  Click here to view the ebook!

At Surf Sweets we’re always trying to incorporate our organic gluten and nut free candies into fun recipes the whole family can make. Spring Recipes is a perfect way to celebrate springtime and Easter with all natural and organic ingredients.”

Surf Sweets uses only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients for its candies, with all being free of corn syrup, synthetic dyes, artificial flavors and GMOs. All Surf Sweets candies are gluten free; dairy and casein free; allergy friendly, meaning that they contain none of the most common food allergens (wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish); and Feingold approved. All Surf Sweets candies are produced and packaged in a dedicated nut-free facility.

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Wiggle Worms & Spooky Spiders Dirt Pudding Recipe

October 12, 2012


Wiggle Worms & Spooky Spiders Dirt Pudding Recipe

Wiggle Worms & Spooky Spiders Dirt Pudding Recipe

Wiggle Worm Dirt Pudding definitely makes kids squirm with delight – especially during the Halloween season. Surf Sweets decided to take the recipe to new creep-out levels by adding its latest gummy creation: the super plump Spooky Spiders!

At Surf Sweets, we take pride in our all-natural, better-for-you, made in the USA candy and want as many people as possible to indulge in a special treat every once in a while. We also love to applaud and highlight other companies who have similar values about the foods we eat.  For instance, we used Dr. Oetker Organic Chocolate Pudding, which has only four simple ingredients and is GMO-free just like our candy. We then layered the pudding with crushed gluten-free KinniToos Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies from Kinnikinnick Foods, a company dedicated to providing Celiacs, people with Autism and other people with special dietary requirements with an uncontaminated, risk free source of food products.

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Halloween Cupcake Decorations

September 24, 2012

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Surf Sweets Spooky Spiders

Surf Sweets Spooky Spider Cupcake Image

Surf Sweets Spooky Spiders give the perfect creepy-crawly touch to any Halloween cupcake.

A portion of the Spooky Spiders sales benefits EcoMom Alliance, a non-profit organization that nurtures, connects and empowers mothers to create a healthy and sustainable world.

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Let’s get riding!

May 3, 2012

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May is National Bike Month. Bikes are a healthy, affordable, efficient and FUN form of transportation. In fact, riding your bike is one of the easiest, most fun climate-changing actions you can take. You can ride your bike anywhere; the park, work, school, the store or just for fun – it’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for you and the climate. Let this month motivate you. Let’s get riding!

National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, will feature more than 450 events across the nation.  Click here, to find an event near you.

Big Dates:
May 9th – Bike to School Day
May 14th -18th – Bike to Work Week
May 18th – Bike to Work Day

Tips to help get you started:

  • For those wanting to commute to work, the Sierra Club has a great Bike Commuting Resources page.
  • The League of American Bicyclists also offers a Ride Better page that lays out the “Rules of the Road” and commuting tips to making riding fun and safe for all new and returning riders. They also have bike maintenance and fix-it info.
  • Our biggest safety tip as you embark on your bicycle adventures, WEAR A HELMET (please!). We know it can be tough for kids to keep their helmets on, so here are some “cool” helmets we’ve come across that just might be worthy of keeping on. Make it fun, let them pick one out that they like, one that they may find “fashionable”.  Make sure you have your helmet too. If mom and dad are wearing one, they will be more apt to comply. You are their role models, so make it fun and safe for the whole family.  Our favorite helmet brands include: Nutcase (lots of fun designs to choose from!), Bell and Giro. Yakkay also offers great, fashionable options for adults. Do you have a favorite? Please share!

National Bike Month has inspired Surf Sweets to take the month of May to train for Climate Cycle’s Ride to Recharge, June 16th and 17th.  Climate Cycle is a not-for-profit that provides curriculum for renewable energy education and raises funds for solar panel installations in Chicago, to which  Surf Sweets donates one percent of the sales of its Gummy Bears and Sour Berry Bears Snack Pack multi-packs. We look forward to taking this challenge and coming together to help our students and schools go green. If you’re in the Chicago area, click here to learn more about the Ride to Recharge.

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Eco-friendly Easter basket ideas. Spring time fun for everyone!

March 12, 2012


Spring is here and for some, that means the Easter Bunny! We have some fabulous eco-friendly ideas for those joyful Easter Baskets or for some simple spring-time fun!

1. A tisket, a tasket, buy just one Easter basket. It’s smart to invest in just one Easter basket per child and reuse them year after year. Buying new baskets each year can be wasteful. Better yet, repurpose an old basket with a fresh coat of paint. Whatever you do, avoid buying a basket made from petroleum-based plastic.

2.  End Easter egg emission. Petroleum-based plastic Easter eggs generate tons of emission and landfill waste each year. Consider a switch to Eco Eggs — made from corn starch instead of petroleum-based polymers–and reduce your carbon footprint. They are made from non-toxic, durable plastic, have a tight snapping closure and are fully compostable after use. They come in five assorted colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Try the 48-ct box for only $15. Eco Eggs

3. Shred your own Easter grass. We have a great new use for your shredder…Easter basket grass! Prevent landfills from filling up post-Easter season with fake plastic grass by shredding grass yourself with old newspapers or magazines. If you don’t have a shredder, pick up some straw or Eco Grass – available in paper or corn starch-based plastic grass – at Eco Egg for only $2 a bag (green, pink and yellow). Eco Eggs

4. Choose jelly bean quality over candy quantity. Fill your eco-eggs with Surf Sweets delicious new 8-ounce seasonal spring mix of its popular Organic Jelly Beans for only $4.49. The new seasonal spring mix includes six new fruitfully delicious and naturally good flavors: tropical punch, lemonade, mixed berry, pineapple, tangerine and watermelon. Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans use certified USDA organic ingredients grown the way nature intended. When a product is certified USDA organic, its ingredients have been grown free of artificial fertilizers and harsh chemical pesticides. Organic agricultural practices enhance the biological structure and nutrients of the soil resulting in a pure, high-quality harvest and the long-term sustainability of the farm. Add Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans to your Easter baskets with the confidence that you are making a better choice for your family and your planet. Being responsible never tasted so good. Surf Sweets

5. Get your eco artist on. Clementine Art offers modeling clay, paints and crayons that are all natural, certified non-toxic and environmentally friendly, all for under $14. Even the packaging is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled and reusable materials. Clementine Art

6. Who ate the sidewalk chalk? Conceptualized and crafted by a mom and artist, Edible Veggie Sidewalk Chalk is lead-free and made with vegan, organic food-based ingredients including beets, spinach and blueberries. It’s fun to draw with and tastes good too. It contains no wheat, sugar or preservatives. Available in Original and Swirl for $12.Wee Can Too

7. Make your bunny eco plush. miYim’s Baby Victoria is a precious pink bunny perfect for your child’s collection of eco toys. She comes wearing a white hemp dress. She’s soft to touch and made with certified organic and natural cotton. She’s colored by nature and 100% certified non-toxic to help make your home a safe and chemical-free environment for your child. Find her for $16 at Ebay’s World of Good. EBay’s World of Good

8. Jump BPA-free double-dutch. What could be better for the planet than crisscrosses and double-unders when they are done with a BPA-Free Plastic Jump Rope? For only $10.99, this eco-jumper is made with USA made, 100 percent organic cotton rope (7 feet long and adjustable) and 100 percent recycled BPA-free plastic handles. Available in pink, purple and green. Green Toys

9. Have 100 percent kid-powered fun. Whether reading under the covers, making fun shapes on the wall or finding your way in the dark, every child should have a flashlight – with no batteries. The $9.95 Hand-Powered Zoo Flashlights from Ecotronic are magical sources of light. With just a friendly squeeze it’s ready to light your child’s way into the night. One minute of squeezing gives 5 to 10 minutes of light. Available in four different animals: Tiger, Penguin, Monkey and Panda. No batteries mean less waste in landfills, which means less carbon in the atmosphere. Even the packaging is biodegradable. Planet Happy

10. Tap you child’s inner gardener. Young plant lovers can watch nature at work by growing a beautiful flower garden and fresh herbs in just days with the world’s most earth-happy gardening set. This Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit is made from advanced environmentally friendly materials, helping to reduce fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions, all in the name of good green fun! Nine-piece kit includes peapod-shaped planter tray, three planting pots, a trowel, soil and three packs of organic seeds (Teddy Bear Sunflower, Basil, Zinnia) with easy-to-follow planting instructions. Find it for only $19.50 at Amazon. Amazon

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