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Let’s get riding!

May 3, 2012

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May is National Bike Month. Bikes are a healthy, affordable, efficient and FUN form of transportation. In fact, riding your bike is one of the easiest, most fun climate-changing actions you can take. You can ride your bike anywhere; the park, work, school, the store or just for fun – it’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for you and the climate. Let this month motivate you. Let’s get riding!

National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, will feature more than 450 events across the nation.  Click here, to find an event near you.

Big Dates:
May 9th – Bike to School Day
May 14th -18th – Bike to Work Week
May 18th – Bike to Work Day

Tips to help get you started:

  • For those wanting to commute to work, the Sierra Club has a great Bike Commuting Resources page.
  • The League of American Bicyclists also offers a Ride Better page that lays out the “Rules of the Road” and commuting tips to making riding fun and safe for all new and returning riders. They also have bike maintenance and fix-it info.
  • Our biggest safety tip as you embark on your bicycle adventures, WEAR A HELMET (please!). We know it can be tough for kids to keep their helmets on, so here are some “cool” helmets we’ve come across that just might be worthy of keeping on. Make it fun, let them pick one out that they like, one that they may find “fashionable”.  Make sure you have your helmet too. If mom and dad are wearing one, they will be more apt to comply. You are their role models, so make it fun and safe for the whole family.  Our favorite helmet brands include: Nutcase (lots of fun designs to choose from!), Bell and Giro. Yakkay also offers great, fashionable options for adults. Do you have a favorite? Please share!

National Bike Month has inspired Surf Sweets to take the month of May to train for Climate Cycle’s Ride to Recharge, June 16th and 17th.  Climate Cycle is a not-for-profit that provides curriculum for renewable energy education and raises funds for solar panel installations in Chicago, to which  Surf Sweets donates one percent of the sales of its Gummy Bears and Sour Berry Bears Snack Pack multi-packs. We look forward to taking this challenge and coming together to help our students and schools go green. If you’re in the Chicago area, click here to learn more about the Ride to Recharge.

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Nothing says lovin’ like Surf Sweet’s Organic Fruity Hearts

January 18, 2012

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we have a most special and delectable sweet just in time. Introducing, Surf Sweet’s NEW Organic Fruity Hearts.

Our lightly sugared all natural Fruity Hearts are fruity, sweet, and irresistibly fun. Fruity Hearts are certified organic watermelon and cherry heart-shapped gummies made with organic sweeteners and organic fruit juice. They include 100% of Vitamin C per serving, are allergy-friendly, gluten-free and vegan, so you can feel good about sharing with your lovies. Think outside the conventional chocolate box. Try something NEW that is fruitfully delicious and naturally good in oh-so-many ways.

Surf Sweets Fruity Hearts are one of the only all natural and organic Valentine’s Day candy options available. What better way to show someone you love them than by giving them delicious better-for-you Valentine’s Day Candy. Available for a limited time!

Available nationwide at Whole Foods Market and other natural food retailers. To find a store near you, please visit our store locator.

Also available online at:

Fruity Hearts are:
Made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners
No corn syrup
Made in a nut-free facility

Be sure to stay in touch with us on Facebook. You just might win your very own stash of Fruity Hearts for Valentine’s Day.  Delish.

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Gobble Gobble. A tasty, edible craft for Thanksgiving.

November 17, 2011


Thanksgiving is almost here! As you give thanks and spend time with your loved ones, here’s an easy craft that makes a delicious treat too. These adorable turkeys will make everyone giggle. Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Crispy Treats


Rice Crispy Treats Ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup butter or butter substitute
  • 10 oz marshmallows (all natural and/or vegan varieties are available, such as Dandies or Suzanne’s Ricemellow Creme, which is gluten-free and free of corn syrup)
  • 6 cups crispy rice cereal
  • 1/2 cup Sunflower Seed Butter or Peanut Butter (omit if making classic rice crispy flavor)

Turkey Decor:

  • Surf Sweets Gummy Bears, Sour Berry Bears or Gummy Swirls for the “feathers”
  • Sunflower seeds for the “beaks”
  • Chocolate chips for the “eyes”
  • Cranberry for the “little red waddle”
  • Sunflower Seed Butter or other nut or seed butter for “glue”
  • Toothpicks to hold the candy in place.


To Make Turkey Crispies

Melt butter in a pan over medium heat (with sunflower seed or peanut butter if using). When melted, add marshmallows and stir until melted. Remove from heat. Add cereal and mix well.

While still warm, use your hands to form the mixture into two sizes of balls: a larger size for the body and a smaller size for the head. Use a toothpick to attached the “head” to the “body”. Then assemble the feathers by sliding Gummy Bears (about 3-4) onto toothpicks and attaching the toothpicks to the body. Use sunflower seed or peanut butter for “glue” to tack on the eyes (chocolate chips), little red waddle (cranberry), and beak (sunflower seed). And poof, you have an adorable and declicious turkey. Gobble, gobble. Have fun and enjoy!

Thanks to Ali of Give Me Some Oven for this ingenious idea!

For more edible craft ideas that are also kid friendly, visit Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

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We’re being GREEN for Halloween. What about you?

October 14, 2011


Surf Sweets is proud to be a National Sponsor of Green Halloween®. Created by a mom looking for healthy, green alternatives for Halloween, Green Halloween has become the go-to source for amazing “eek-o-friendly” ideas that are fun, healthy, affordable, and not-too-time consuming. It inspires parents, children, teachers, schools and other organizations to be healthier in their celebrations, fostering a holiday that is a happy and healthy for our kids and our planet. Thank you Green Halloween for helping to change the tide! Surf Sweets will be supporting Green Halloween by donating 1% of all snack packs sales for the next year.  Be sure to have your supply of Surf Sweets on hand. It’s the tastiest, “better for you” candy option. So, swap your conventional candy for something that’s better for you AND the earth.

To help spread some green inspiration for Halloween, here are some creative ideas from Green Halloween. You can learn more about Green Halloween and find additional resources at, www.greenhalloween.org

General ideas for having a Green Halloween

It’s really not ALL about the candy. Kids have the MOST fun when their parents get involved and have fun themselves. Part of being green is focusing on people instead of things, so try to reduce the amount of ‘things’ you incorporate into your Halloween by increasing the focus on fun. Here are some ideas for making your Green Halloween fun for your kids and for you:

  • Make a big deal of your child’s costume – getting dressed, taking pictures, etc.
  • Have a neighborhood party and forgo trick-or-treating all together. Ask your child’s school to consider making their Halloween celebration green as well.
  • Have a charity-themed party. Instead of giving out prizes for games, allow children to pick from a list of charities and make a donation in their name.
  • Talk to your neighbors about what they will be giving away in advance. One option is to trick-or-treat only at homes where you know Green Halloween items will be passed out.
  • Show your Green by displaying your own Green Halloween sign and ask your Green Halloween neighbors to do the same. Turn looking for the signs into a hunt for treasures. The Green Halloween sign on your own door will announce to trick-or-treaters that they’re in for a great surprise!
  • Give kids a full, healthy meal before they go out trick-or-treating so they are not hungry.

If your child does collect candy:

We all know Halloween candy can become a stockpile that lasts for weeks. Candy is fun and delicious, and should be enjoyed. But it’s always smart to set limits, especially you have bags full of candy. Here are some suggestions on how to do just that and make some “better” candy choices.

  • Have a candy swap or trade: let your kids swap the conventional candy they collect for a candy that is all natural and organic, like Surf Sweets! Surf Sweets is free of artificial colors and flavors, corn syrup and GMOs. So you can feel good about giving them to your little ones (or indulging yourself!). You can also do a trade and offer little gifts or give them a “pumpkin point” for each piece of candy they collect. Use pumpkin points to “buy” a toy or do a special activity with your child.
  • Invite the Halloween Fairy to come to your home. Tell your child a story, or use our book to talk about how the Halloween fairy turns candy into magic fairy dust and so needs as much candy as she can get her hands on. Explain that if a child leaves his bag of candy outside on the porch, the fairy will gladly come to take the candy, and because she will be so grateful for the help with her fairy-dust-making, she’ll leave in the candy’s place a very special gift. Some parents make the exchange while their child is brushing their teeth, others wait until their child is asleep. Either way, make a big deal of it! Act surprised! You may also want to consider letting your child keep a small amount of candy and leaving the rest out for the fairy. Please don’t donate your leftover sweets to charity, though. Other people’s kids don’t need the candy either.
  • Let them choose a limited amount of candy to eat (for example, one piece for each year your child is old). In many cities, the leftover candy can be recycled and turned into compost! Just be sure to remove candy from its wrapper first.

Courtesy of Green Halloween®, www.greenhalloween.org

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It’s back to school – let’s talk lunch!

August 19, 2011


It’s Back to School time! A hectic, but exciting time for everyone. New teachers, new classes, new schedules, new rules, even new schools! It can make the nerves run wild. So what’s a fun, healthy way to help our kids feel loved and grounded in this time of change? Oh yeah, and that CAN be fun for you too. LUNCH! Oh yes, LUNCH! (It can be fun and easier than you think!)

Lunch is the much needed break in the day that a child looks forward to. So it’s the perfect opportunity for parents to take a moment and prepare something full of love and health. A little bit of extra attention, love and care can go a long way for them and YOU. You’ll feel good packing something your child will enjoy and benefit from. You child will appreciate (so we hope, and if not now, down the line – we promise!) the time and effort you put into to making a lunch they’ll enjoy. Go Green, and you’ll pack even more meaning into your lunch time efforts – you’ll help save the earth, and even some money (reusable products, like lunchboxes can go a long way!) You can also turn it into a teachable moment and pass along the lesson of “why it’s important to be green.”

With all this in mind, here’s a short list of ideas to help inspire you to make lunch fun, healthy and eco-friendly. Let’s give lunch some new meaning.

  • Go Green: cut down on cost AND waste. Find a reusable lunch box – let your child pick it out so they can get uber excited about their new lunch gear. Teach them how it helps saves trees – no more paper bags! You can even use bento boxes and cut down on plastic bags! Here are some great, green options for lunch boxes: Planet Box, Goodbyn and Nubius Organics.

For additional green lunch ideas , visit the Daily Green.

  • Include a note. A simple “I LOVE YOU!” will always bring a smile and make a child feel extra special, especially during times of change.
  • Turn old into NEW. Give the “same old” sandwich a makeover, by using cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes. Get creative and have FUN! Family Fun has additional ideas to help inspire your sandwich makeover.
  • Pack a nutritious lunch. It keeps the belly full and brain happy so more time can be spent learning. Studies show that a nutritious lunch helps them perform better in school. Nourish Interactive has a fabulous article on packing a Healthy Lunch Box and how it’s easier than you think! For additional healthy lunch ideas, visit Kaboose.
  • Use organic ingredients. Organically produced foods have a higher nutritional content than commercially produced foods. It also helps our eco-system. Organic agricultural practices enhance the biological structure and nutrients of the soil, resulting in a pure, high-quality harvest and the long-term sustainability of the farm.  Another awesome thing you can teach your kids about! The Organic Consumers Association is a great resource for organic information.

  • Favorite Foods. Ask your child what his favorite foods are and include them in his lunch. Make it a delicious and nutritious comfort food meal. If you know Surf Sweets candies are a special treat they enjoy, throw in a snack pack! Pure joy. Check out our NEW snack pack multi-packs – have a sweet stash on hand, for less. Available in Gummy Bears or Sour Berry Bears. You can find them online at Amazon.com, Alice.com and navanfoods.com.
  • Little helpers. Making lunches can be a lot of work. We know. Let your little ones help where they can. Give them options to choose from and let them help pack. Or let them help “plan” the menu. They’ll be excited to sit down and eat their specially packed’ planned lunch.

Do you have ideas for lunch that you’d like to share? Please DO!

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